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Give your phone a heavy-duty clean with these UV cleaners

Our phones pick up a whole heap of bacteria, germs, and other nastiness when we set them down throughout our days. Your phone may or may not be dirtier than a toilet seat right now, but luckily you can fix that with an ultraviolet (UV) phone sanitizer. They’re nifty little devices, and while they can cost a pretty penny, they’re 110% worth the investment if they can keep you from getting sick, now more than ever.

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Add these must-see TV shows to your digital library starting at just $9

With movie theaters closed and social distancing measures in place across the globe, you may be looking for other ways to keep yourself entertained while you’re stuck at home. Luckily, iTunes is having a sale on complete TV series in digital HD this week so you can beef up your collection at a discount. There are some fantastic deals offered that give you the opportunity to rewatchth shows you purchase whenever you’d like and never worry about where they’re streaming  [Read More…]

Don’t bulk up the huge Galaxy S20 Ultra even more; get one of these cases

I know a lot of you want to go naked and show off the Galaxy S20 Ultra in all its 6.9-inch glory, but it’s a half-pound, glass-backed phone that is super unwieldy. To paraphrase South Park, if you try to use the Ultra without a case, “you’re gonna have a bad time.” Never fear! Just because you need to use a case doesn’t mean you need to bulk up your phone.

Slim sustainability Tech21 Studio Colour

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Working from home just got easier with these great lap desks

Whether you’re working from home, want to get in a gaming session from your bed or some movies while stuck at home, a good lap desk is invaluable. There are so many choices out there — from adjustable options to those with lights or fans. We’ve rounded up the best for you to get for whatever you want to do from wherever you want to do it.

Space for activites Kavalan Lap Desk

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Protect your browsing sessions with one of these great free VPNs

Did you know that some of the best VPN services are free to use? By now you’ve likely heard the phrase Virtual Private Network or VPN, but you may not have already signed up and started using one. A great VPN service can add an extra layer of security to your phone, tablet, PC, and even gaming console. They’ve become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason.

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Bored by the DualSense colors? Check out these fan-made ideas

The fan mockups have already begun.

Sony decided to drop images of the next iteration in its DualShock controller lineup on this fine Tuesday afternoon. The DualSense, as it is officially called, will be the first of Sony’s controllers to launch with a two-toned design instead of a singular color. It is set to release alongside the PlayStation 5.

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Where to buy face masks: These retailers still have stock available

I think it’s safe to say that we’re currently living in uncertain times. People are working from home, kids are out of school, and there’s a nationwide push for everyone to stay home and not go outside unless they absolutely have to, and everyone is trying to figure out where to buy face masks.

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Become a master of music production with these Ableton and Logic Pro courses

Countless concerts, festivals, and other musical gatherings have been canceled worldwide due to the threat of COVID-19, leaving fans and creators craving something to scratch that musical itch. If you’re stuck at home, there is no better time to hone your own musicality and pick up a new technical skill. While social distancing has the pros taking some time off from performing, why not take advantage and become a pro yourself?

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Stay connected with these multiplayer games for Oculus Quest

If you’re tired of questing solo in your Oculus Quest, fear not. There are plenty of online multiplayer experiences, as well as party multiplayer with friends and family in the room, to enjoy. This list will focus primarily on the first option, with the best games for connecting and competing with your fellow gamers virtually, but there’s couple couch co-op options thrown in as well. Try these Quest VR titles for creating lasting friendships and bitter rivalries.

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Check out these new screenshots of The Last of Us Part II

Another look at the characters and world of this ambitious sequel.

What you need to know The Last of Us Part II was originally scheduled to release in February before being delayed into May. The game has again been delayed, this time indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic You can preorder The Last of Us Part II for $ 60 at Best Buy.

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