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Keep your Galaxy S20 thin and light with one of these cases

Samsung engineers its flagships to be as thin as possible, so why undo all that hard work with some monstrous tank of a case? These are thin cases that can add grip and light protection to your beautiful new Galaxy, whether you prefer thinner hard plastics or more adaptive and flexible silicone models.

Best in the biz Totallee Thin

Staff pick

Totallee is one of the biggest names in ultra-thin cases, and it’s the most liked thin  [Read More…]

The Galaxy Z Flip’s ‘Ultra Thin Glass’ display may not be glass after all

Here we go again.

What you need to know After a durability test, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone damages with the same ease as plastic. Samsung contends that screen is more durable than other plastic displays. Samsung will offer $ 119 screen replacements and a free professional screen protector application.

In a twist absolutely everyone saw coming, it looks like Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass — the brand new polymer developed specifically for foldable phones — is  [Read More…]

The best thin cases for the Galaxy Note 10+

The Galaxy Note 10+ is this year’s best Note. It has the best display, biggest battery, and a microSD card slot — something you won’t find on the regular Note 10. It’s also a very thin phone, and if you want to retain that thinness while also keeping the phone out of harm’s way, you’ll want to pick up a good thin case. Here are our top recommendations for that!

Snap-on in a second Spigen Thin Fit [Read More…]

Keep your Note 10 protected and thin with these great cases

The Galaxy Note 10 is one of the hottest Android phones on the market right now. It has a stupidly fast processor, three rear cameras, and a gorgeous AMOLED display with virtually no bezels. It’s an incredibly thin phone, and as such, it’s perfectly complemented by a similarly thin case. If that’s what you’re after, here are our top picks!

Thin and colorful Anccer Colorful Series

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When it comes to thin cases, few do  [Read More…]

Keep your Note 9 thin, slim, and sexy with these beautiful cases

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is a gorgeous dream of a smartphone, but thanks to its all-glass front and back, one good drop could turn it into a shattered nightmare. A solid case is your best bet at keeping the phone safe, but adding a lot of bulk isn’t always ideal. Thankfully, there’s a good selection of thin cases for the Note 9 that safeguard it while keeping its slender body intact. Here are our favorites!

So many colors Anccer Colorful  [Read More…]

This is the best thin case you can buy for the Galaxy S10

Still one of the best thin cases out there.

If you’re like me, you despise big, bulky cases. They’re great for people that are rough on their phones, but for those of us that just want some basic protection without turning our devices into meatballs, they’re kind of the worst.

The Totallee Thin Case is the exact opposite of that.

Totallee makes phone cases that are ridiculously thin, so much so that they don’t feel like they  [Read More…]

These are the best thin cases for the Huawei P30 Pro

The Huawei P30 Pro is one of the coolest new phones released in 2019, offering an outstanding telephoto camera thats all packaged within a very stylish design. It’s the type of phone that you’ll simultaneously want to show off and protect from damage, and a thin case is one of the best ways to accomplish both of those goals.

A clear winner Spigen Liquid Crystal

Staff pick

Not only is the Spigen Liquid Crystal case a thin,  [Read More…]

Spigen Liquid Crystal Air Galaxy S10 case review: Clear, thin, and cheap

Another clear case for the S10 that’s worth checking out.

If you follow Spigen, you’ll know that the company makes a phone case for just about every niche you can think of. That, combined with a great attention-to-detail for each case, has allowed Spigen to stand apart from a lot of its competitors.

Today, we’re checking out the Liquid Crystal Air —one of many clear cases that Spigen sells. It’s not the most rugged or durable clear  [Read More…]

These are the best thin cases for the OnePlus 6T

OnePlus appears to have done it again with the 6T, offering a great phone for price-savvy consumers. You’re going to want to keep your phone protected with a quality case, and we’ll be rounding up the best thin case available for the 6T. Some of the best are from OnePlus itself, particularly the Bumper Case, but we’d also recommend third-party options such as the Spigen Liquid Air for those looking for a reliable case for less.

Never Settle OnePlus 6T  [Read More…]

Get protection without bulk with these thin Google Pixel 3 cases

Google made the Pixel 3 beautifully thin, but unfortunately, it also made the Pixel 3 a glass-backed phone, and glass-backed phones need cases before they face the concrete jungles of the real world. Nobody likes a clunky tank of a case, but you can protect your phone without losing that thin feel. There are many cases on the market for the Pixel 3 that are so thin, you’ll forget you have a case!

Like totally perfect Totallee Case

  [Read More…]