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Amazon Prime Day 2020 happening in August may be a good thing for everyone

If you’ve tried to order anything from Amazon in the past few months you’ve likely noticed that the online retail giant is struggling with delivery times and stock levels on various items. Several credible reports have indicated that Amazon’s annual Prime Day event is going to be delayed from its usual mid-July timeframe to some point in August instead.

As much as we would all love to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, that may just not  [Read More…]

MLB The Show 20 review: A worthy substitute for the real thing

Play ball — just about any way you want to play it.

These are unusual times. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Major League Baseball decided to suspend spring training and delay the start of its regular season, meaning the only kind of big league ball being played for the foreseeable future is of the video game variety. Happily, MLB The Show 20 has arrived for PlayStation 4, making incremental but real additions on top of what was  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review: Too much of a good thing

Samsung’s biggest and most expensive phone delivers in almost every way.

Galaxy S20 Ultra review Hardware and design Display Software and performance Battery life Cameras Living with 5G Should you buy it?

I’ve been through this so many times before. Samsung has a new flagship phone. It’s undeniably better than its last flagship phone. And it’s once again more expensive than its predecessor. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is taking that formula to an even higher  [Read More…]

Don’t want bulk? No problem with these thing Galaxy S20+ cases.

No matter your taste, your phone needs a case. This is a bit of a motto for me, but for glass-backed phones like the Galaxy S20+, you really do need at least a thin case to add some grip and give that glass back a minimum of scratch protection. Whether you like your thin case hard or soft, clear or colorful, there’s an option for everyone.

Almost invisible Totallee Thin Case

Staff pick

If you hate cases  [Read More…]

Google Play Music no longer being default is the best thing for everyone

Through sheer dysfunction, Google Play Music’s demotion is actually the best thing for it.

Last week, Google announced that it would be YouTube Music, not Google Play Music, pre-installed as the default music app on all Android phones. Many people commented that this was terrible news for Play Music users and yet another nail in a coffin that must look like an iron maiden by now.

Actually, as a longtime GPM user, this news made me cheer.  [Read More…]

Testing face recognition on dark skin isn’t a bad thing when done right

No matter how you approach it, the subject is going to be a touchy one. Being deceitful and dumb about how you do it isn’t helping here, Google.

It’s no secret that using any sort of software that does more than a cursory “look” at people has issues when used by a person of color. Microsoft had issues with the Kinect and even a simple heart-rate sensor on your smartwatch can struggle here. Google is trying to  [Read More…]

YouTube is testing the best thing since Dark Theme: Hiding the comments

Whether you care about comments or not, this small change could have a huge impact.

What you need to know This change has been seen in testing on the YouTube app in India. It adds a “Comments” button to the video options menu, between Dislike and Share. Comments appear in a new window separate from the video details and suggested videos. We do not know if this change will roll out more widely (but one can only  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S10 has one thing other phones in 2019 lack — courage

A phone that has everything you want — and everything I want — really does exist.

The Galaxy S10, on paper anyway, is without a doubt the finest smartphone Samsung has ever built. And I don’t say that lightly; Apple may have outstanding chipsets and Google may have “pure” software, but when considering the total package, a Pixel or iPhone doesn’t offer nearly as much as Samsung does with the S10. An amazing display that’s expertly tuned  [Read More…]

One thing Amazon absolutely fixed with the new Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote

The previous Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote was lacking any sort of volume or power controls. The new Alexa Voice Remote rectifies that.

Wherein we commend Amazon for doing what we wanted it to do months ago.

You had to know it was coming. The only real question is why it took so long.

Amazon has announced a new Fire TV Voice Remote. And unlike every other remote control it’s released until now (OK, that’s  [Read More…]

GDPR is a great thing hampered by one bad idea

Addressing privacy concerns and bringing more disclosure to users is long overdue, but the 72-hour reporting rule might do more harm than good.

The past week was important for you and your personal information, whether or not you live in the EU.

GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation that sets guidelines about how personal information of EU citizens is collected and processed, is now official. It’s a great idea — uniform rules about how your information is  [Read More…]