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Do you think Samsung software has too much bloat?

Let’s chat with the AC forums.

If you’re in the market for a new Android phone, it’s often hard to go wrong with one from Samsung. The company’s Galaxy S and Note flagships are consistently some of the easiest to recommend for most people, offering things like great displays, performance, cameras, etc.

For some folks, however, Samsung phones are a tough sell because of their software. We’ve come a long way from the dark days of TouchWiz  [Read More…]

It’s easier than you may think to print something from your Android phone

As Android technology progresses, so does your ability to get everything done right from your Android phone or tablet. Google has designed a cloud printing app that works with your printer connected either to your wireless network or to your computer via USB. Here’s how to set up Google Cloud Print within Chrome on your computer and how to start printing directly from your Android device.

Products used in this guide Google’s best: Pixel 4 (From $ 628  [Read More…]

AC Poll: Which companies do you think are most environmentally friendly?

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When we talk about phones and other gadgets here on AC, we tend to focus on a few different things — features, specs, and price being what tends to eat up most of the conversation. However, depending on how you look at things, there’s plenty more to discuss.

As we rapidly approach Earth Day on April 22, it’s a reason to look at the companies that make all of this technology  [Read More…]

Having a webcam can be more convenient than you may think

Due to recent circumstances, the demand for webcams has increased to the point that it can be difficult to actually purchase these. However, we have seen the following selections go in and out of stock at various retailers and these represent our favorite webcams.

Chances are that you’re using the built-in webcam from your laptop, or you have a desktop that doesn’t have a webcam at all. But with more and more folks working from home, you’ll  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra is more durable than you think

As you would expect from a phone that costs $ 1,400, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is solidly built.

What you need to know Durability tests for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra have revealed that the phone is quite sturdy. The phone’s screen, which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 6, is quite resistant to scratches. Samsung’s most expensive Galaxy S flagship also managed to survive multiple drop tests, although it is in no way “rugged.”

Samsung’s Galaxy  [Read More…]

Who do you think won this iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy S20 Ultra drop test?

Probably the person who can afford to buy two phones just so they could break them…

What you need to know PhoneBuff has put the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Galaxy S20 Ultra to the test. They dropped the phones from different heights to find out which was more durable. The scores were mighty close.

A new drop test pitting the iPhone 11 Pro Max against the Galaxy S20 Ultra has surfaced, and we want to  [Read More…]

WhatsApp group chats may not be as private as you think

All it takes is a simple Google search.

What you need to know WhatsApp group chats may be far less private than one would imagine. Invite links for private WhatsApp groups can be easily found via a Google Search, meaning anyone could potentially join a private chat. The issue likely stems from a mistake on WhatsApp’s part.

A journalist for DW News this week tweeted out a grim warning: “Your WhatsApp groups may not be as secure  [Read More…]

Police say Ring cameras aren’t as useful for law enforcement as you think

13 of 40 jurisdictions asked said there have been zero arrests due to Ring footage.

What you need to know Ring’s may be overestimating how effective its cameras are at preventing burglaries. There are several factors to consider when looking at the statistics, and Ring doesn’t share the data and methods it uses. Law enforcement doesn’t usually keep stats on how helpful Ring cameras are and often has trouble identifying those who are caught on camera.

When  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S20 will be more expensive than you think

The 4G models will cost about EUR 100 less than their 5G counterparts, while prices in the U.S. will unsurprisingly be lower than those in Europe.

What you need to know Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series will start off at around EUR 900 – 1,000 in Europe for the 5G variants. Their 4G equivalents will likely cost around EUR 100 less. The Galaxy Z Flip, on the other hand, may cost as much as EUR 1,400.

With the  [Read More…]

I miss my fingerprint sensor but not for the reason you might think

The Pixel 4’s facial recognition is good, but it needs to see your face to work.

I’m both a fan and not a fan of biometrics. I’ll admit I am using face unlock on the Pixel 4 since Google implemented lockdown mode so I can switch it off with a press of the power button, but I still don’t love biometrics.

My fingerprint or my face is my identity, not my password. I may have 10 fingerprints  [Read More…]