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Ring app for Android found to be ‘packed’ with third-party data trackers

The data sent by the Ring app helps analytics and tracking companies form a clear picture of your device.

What you need to know An investigation by EFF has revealed that the Ring doorbell app for Android is packed with third-party trackers. The trackers reportedly send out sensitive information such as the customers’ names, sensor data, private IP addresses, and more. Ring app has been found to send information to four main analytics and marketing companies –  [Read More…]

Google plans to banish third-party cookies forever

It wants to remove support for third-party cookies from Chrome within the next two years.

What you need to know Google wants to make third-party cookies a thing of the past. With new standards like its proposed Privacy Sandbox, it hopes to make them obsolete and eventually drop support for them in Chrome. In the meantime, it’ll start making changes to its policies for cross-site cookies beginning this February, with the aim of making them more secure.  [Read More…]

Amazon is slightly raising its fees for third-party sellers in the U.S.

Fulfillment fees for third-part sellers will go up by 3% next year.

What you need to know Amazon is informing merchants on its platform of an impending fee hike of 3%. The company says its increased spending on improving delivery times is part of the reason behind the increase. However, it says it’s committed to the Fulfilled by Amazon program, and the investments should help sellers grow sales overall.

While Amazon makes or stocks a lot of  [Read More…]

Samsung is making Tizen available to third-party TV makers

Finally, more people will have no idea what OS their TV is running

What you need to know Samsung will make Tizen, its TV and wearable OS, available to other television manufacturers. Tizen currently runs on 100 million Samsung smart TVs. Samsung will also allow consumers to opt-out of Tizen ad-tracking

At its Samsung Developers Conference (SDC 2019) in San Jose, Samsung today announced that its Tizen operating system will be available for third-party TV makers for  [Read More…]

Pixel 4’s Motion Sense API may gain third-party support in the future

Motion Sense is not designed to be a gimmick, so Google is taking care to only let select developers in on the platform for the time being.

What you need to know Motion Sense API, the language in Android to utilize the Soli sensor on the Pixel 4, is currently unavailable to third-party developers. Google has already worked with two developers to publish apps to the Play Store with Soli support, showing that it’s interested in building  [Read More…]

Android 10 gestures now work with third-party launchers on the Pixel 4

The fix has not rolled out to other phones such as the Pixel 3 yet.

What you need to know Navigation gestures will now work with third-party launchers in Android 10. Previously, users would have been met with an error message and forced to use button navigation when using a third-party launcher. So far, the fix has only been rolled out to Pixel 4 phones.

The gesture navigation system in Android has been controversial, to say the  [Read More…]

Instagram improves controls for sharing data with third-party apps

Take control of your privacy.

What you need to know Instagram plans to update its app to give users more control over third-party data sharing Users will have the option to remove third-party services they don’t want connected to their account. Will also update the authorization screen shown when an app requests data.

Instagram has announced plans to update its app to give users more control over data that they share with third-party apps. In a recent  [Read More…]

Android 10 will make it harder to use third-party gesture navigation

Google is also killing Android Pie’s “pill” navigation with the 10 update.

What you need to know The latest update for Google Mobile Services outlines Google’s future for Android navigation. Custom gestures from companies like Samsung and OnePlus will be more difficult to find/use. Android Pie’s two-button navigation system is being killed off.

The current state of navigation on Android is a bit of a mess. Google introduced its first vision of gesture-based navigation with Android Pie,  [Read More…]

Can you use third-party keyboards with the Galaxy Fold?

Best answer: You can use third-party keyboards like Gboard and SwiftKey on the Galaxy Fold, but they’re not optimized for the phone’s two display sizes. Instead, you should learn to use Samsung’s keyboard, as it provides dynamic sizing between the cover and tablet displays. While third-party keyboards force you to use the same layout for both screen sizes, Samsung’s keyboard offers a traditional layout for the cover screen and a tablet-optimized thumb typing experience for the larger  [Read More…]

Routines are broken on third-party Google Assistant speakers

“OK Google, what the heck happened to my routines?”

Google Assistant has only had custom routines for a few months now, but it’s made quite the impression, especially with the scheduled routines option that rolled out the ability to schedule routines so that they activate on a specific Google Assistant speaker at specific days and times. Scheduled, custom routines make Google Assistant my favorite alarm clock, but there’s been a slight snag in using them the last  [Read More…]