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It takes a bit of tinkering, but you can force dark mode in the Fitbit app

I know it’s the hot design trend right now, but I’ll admit it: I’m a big fan of dark mode. It’s not that I dislike the traditional white backgrounds of Android and its respective apps, but I personally find the black (or near-black) background easier on my eyes, and it makes other design elements less jarring. Many Android OEMs have offered some kind of dark mode for system apps for years, and various developers have allowed it at  [Read More…]

The Honor 5X was made for tinkering

Most of us are more than happy to use our phone the way it came from the factory. Things mainly work as intended, and other than a few hiccups here and there, most new Android phones are more than capable of doing the stuff we want them to do. But for some of us, things need some changing.

If you fall into the second category and just love to mess with things — whether it makes them  [Read More…]