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Master Adobe’s top design tools for just $49

The economy is changing. As more and more people see their roles reduced or lose their jobs due to the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, the workforce is forced to get more creative. If you fear you may soon be out of work, one of the best things you can do is start learning skills that will keep you in-demand. For instance, graphic designers are fully capable of running remote freelance businesses while companies navigate this economic  [Read More…]

Best online learning tools for kids in 2020

Across the world people are being impacted and forced to make big changes to the way they live, and in many countries and states schools are being shut down, which means parents are looking for the best online learning tools for their kids. Luckily, there are a lot of online learning tools that can be used from the comfort of your own home, and many of them offer free trials. While you are busy working from home, you’ll want to  [Read More…]

Google’s new travel tools will help you keep up with coronavirus advisories

A necessary tool if you absolutely must travel.

What you need to know Google is updating its travel apps to show information on responses to coronavirus. The Travel web-app will now highlight travel advisories made by governments. When searching for flights, the Flights web-app will also showcase flexible booking and cancellation policies.

Google will start highlighting travel advisories and flexible booking policies for people who search for travel-related information amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The company will  [Read More…]

Decade in review: HDR+ made smartphone cameras tools of the trade

It’s made it not only possible, but at times preferable for me to use the camera that’s in my pocket rather than the more expensive and elaborate camera in my bag.

Google Google Home & Google Assistant Moto X Roku Chromecast & Google Cast HDR+ Samsung Galaxy S7 Alexa & Amazon Echo HTC One M7 Robot Vacuums Google Cardboard Google Wifi Apple Apple across the decade Rene Ritchie’s product of the decade The iPad  [Read More…]

Google Maps picks up new tools to improve public transit in India

Google Maps now shows live train status for Indian Railways, and local bus times with live traffic.

What you need to know Google Maps is getting three new features aimed at public transit in India. The app will show real-time train status for long-distance trains. Google is leveraging live traffic data to better predict bus travel time in India’s 10 largest cities. You’ll also start seeing mixed-mode commute suggestions that include public transit along with an auto-rickshaw.  [Read More…]

Some Snapchat employees reportedly used internal tools to abuse users’ data

Employees accessed information using an internal tool called “SnapLion.”

What you need to know A report claims Snapchat employees abused their privilege to access user data. This included saved snaps, phone numbers, and more. SnapLion was one of the internal tools used to do this.

It seems like not a day goes by without learning about a new privacy concern or data breach, and this time around Snapchat gets its spot in the limelight with a report  [Read More…]

Get the software tools to become a DJ for just $49!

Everybody wants to be the DJ these days, whether we’re talking about having control over the music at the next house party or actually working towards making a name for yourself as a working DJ. But the cost of entry into the DJ world is expensive.

Fortunately you can do more with just a laptop and even just your phone these days with all the music going digital and software available to help transition between songs with similar BPM and  [Read More…]

The $57 Black+Decker kit includes a cordless drill, hand tools, and more

Good price for one day only.

The Black+Decker LDX120PK cordless drill and battery power project kit is down to $ 56.50 on Amazon. This is one of Amazon’s daily deals, so the price is temporary. The kit normally sells for around $ 80, and this is the lowest price we have ever seen.

The full kit includes a 20V Lithium cordless drill, the battery to power it, 68 hand tools and accessories, and a carrying bag for  [Read More…]

How to use Android Pie’s Digital Wellbeing tools

Make the most out of your phone addiction.

One of the major pieces of the Android Pie — then Android P — presentation at Google I/O this past May aligned with what many other companies are trying to do: make it easier to disconnect. They’re doing this by providing usage metrics, and incentive through various “wind down” or Do Not Disturb features, that both inform the user and help them check their phone only when necessary.

On  [Read More…]