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NFC just learned a new trick — wireless charging

Just don’t expect it to charge your phone any time soon.

What you need to know The charging rate via NFC will be slow at 1W max. This new charging method will allow smaller devices to take advantage of wireless charging. Since NFC charging won’t require an additional antenna for power transfer, it could help keep the cost of implementation down.

Wireless charging isn’t new; however, in recent years, it has seen some changes. Now, NFC —  [Read More…]

This one trick will help you use less data with Chrome on your phone

Lite mode to the rescue.

It can be easy to take our phones for granted, but when you step back and think about it, it’s quite remarkable what they’re capable of. Even just one app, such as Google Chrome, puts the entire internet in your pocket for you to search and browse through whenever you want.

You can do a lot with Google Chrome, from reading the news, checking Twitter, and doing online shopping. All of those  [Read More…]

Fortnite ‘Trick Shot’ missions leak ahead of weekly update

The latest challenges leaked ahead of the weekly update.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is officially here, and with it comes a significant change to the way players will be leveling up their Battle Pass. While Missions will still be in the game, players will no longer be competing for Battle Stars. Instead, the goal is to get normal XP. With a larger focus on XP and less grinding, players should be able to level up their Battle Pass  [Read More…]

Anker announces Alexa speaker with one neat trick

Similar to the Echo Dot, but less expensive.

Anker is well known for providing quality accessories at a fair price, primarily through its Amazon storefront. That relationship with Amazon grows deeper today with Anker’s announcement of the Eufy Genie smart speaker. The Eufy Genie functions similarly to Amazon’s Echo Dot, but is $ 15 cheaper. The Eufy Genie includes the ability to listen for Alexa commands and outputting audio to larger speakers or playing back audio through its own  [Read More…]

Allo’s next trick: Turning your selfies into emoji

The new features takes advantage of Google’s machine learning abilities to make a set of stickers based on your face.

Feel like your feelings could better be expressed through emoji that look like you? Well, you’re in luck if you’re an Allo user. The latest update comes with a feature that turns your selfie into a reusable sticker.

The feature was announced in an official Google blog, and then confirmed in an  [Read More…]

Use Android to trick your friends this April Fool’s Day


Yeah, it’s coming. That holiday we love to hate and hate to love, full of pie-in-the-sky pitches, deep, deep teasing of eventual products, and things that we desperately, desperately wish were real.

It’s almost April Fool’s Day, and what was once a purely homemade day full of pranking friends and family and avoiding revenge has now been commercialized, not only by marketers looking to sell something, but by major corporations of all kinds putting out  [Read More…]

Here’s a neat Chrome + multi-window trick you probably didn’t know about

It’s easy to open links in the opposite window, or juggle Chrome tabs between both viewports.

Android 7.0‘s multi-window feature is great, letting you split your display between two full screen apps. But it comes with a few caveats, including the fact that you generally can’t run different instances of the same app in both windows.

Google Chrome, however, is smart enough to juggle tabs between windows, letting you view different pages in each half of the  [Read More…]

The ultimate Pokemon Go trick — score a Pikachu as your starter Pokemon!

Thanks for nothing, Professor Willow.

It takes about 20 seconds of playing Pokemon Go for your starter capture to become mostly worthless, but that doesn’t mean everyone who played the original games didn’t think long and hard about choosing between Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur when going through the initial tutorial in Pokemon Go. The decision is of far less consequence than it seems initially, and that’s because you have no way of knowing there’s a fourth  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo’s latest trick makes ordering your Mother’s Day flowers easier

The Amazon Echo continues to see its capabilities expand, with the voice-powered, connected speaker now letting you order flowers just in time for Mother’s Day. Orders can be placed through 1-800-Flowers once you connect an account, and you can choose from one of four arrangements for each order.

The Echo and Alexa are now ready for Star Wars Day, which is coming up on Wednesday, May 4. You can ask Alexa to tell you a Star  [Read More…]

Facebook’s simple trick for serving so many different Android devices

Facebook has a simple solution to a big problem — coding for best performance across different devices.

Some folks like to call it fragmentation, others call it choice, but by any name there are certainly a lot of different Android phones. Building applications that need to work with all of them is no easy task. You have wildly different hardware configurations that make for a big difference in performance, and even though one apk file can  [Read More…]