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Redmi’s truly wireless ‘Earbuds S’ debut in India for ₹1,799 ($24)

The earbuds have a low latency “gaming mode” as well.

What you need to know Xiaomi today launched its first truly wireless earbuds for the Indian market. The earbuds, called Redmi Earbuds S, have been priced at just ₹1,799 ($ 24). It will be going on sale in India via both online and offline stores starting May 27.

Xiaomi’s Redmi sub-brand today ventured into the true wireless earbuds market in India with the new Redmi Earbuds S.

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The Pixel 3a and iPhone SE are both great, but which one is truly the best?

Android’s best deal Google Pixel 3a

$ 370 at Amazon

Pros Fantastic camera OLED display looks great Performance is fast and fluid Clean, up-to-date software Has a 3.5mm headphone jack Cons 64GB is the only storage option Guaranteed updates stop in May 2022

The Pixel 3a wowed us back in May 2019 when it was released, and all this time later, it continues to be one of the best Android deals around. Just about everything about  [Read More…]

OnePlus is working on new Bullets earbuds, but they’re not truly wireless

The new generation of earbuds will, however, feature four color choices.

What you need to know The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z will not be truly wireless, after all. Leaked images of the earbuds show they’re connected by a cable. OnePlus is expanding color choices, though, with green, blue, black, and white variants.

While the internet has recently been abuzz with rumors that OnePlus will finally be jumping onto the truly wireless bandwagon with the latest generation of  [Read More…]

Google Maps feature request: Let me truly customize my transit directions

For many people, quality transit information is far more important than driving directions and traffic.

I’m a huge advocate for taking public transit. Whether you’re living in a city or just visiting, if you’re fortunate enough to have access to a public train system, you should use it when possible. Google Maps does a great job of showing transit directions, which really lowers the barrier for using public transit while traveling.

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Panasonic’s new truly wireless buds claim the CES 2020 crown of silence

Minimize noise by cancelling feedback and feedforward

Panasonic has introduced a pair of new truly wireless earbuds, the RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W, both of which offer noise cancellation technology. The higher-end RZ-S500W earbuds include Panasonic’s Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology, which will offer FeedForward Noise Cancelling (FF-NC) and Feedback Noise Cancelling (FB-NC), in addition to digital and analog processing. Panasonic says that the RZ-S500W offers the best noise cancellation in its class, at least as of the day  [Read More…]

The Echo Buds, Amazon’s first truly wireless earbuds, cost $129

Pre-orders are open right now.

What you need to know The Echo Buds are Amazon’s first truly wireless earbuds. You’ll get hands-free Alexa, 5 hours of battery life, and “world-class” noise reduction. Echo Buds are available for pre-order now for $ 129.

There have been long-standing rumors that Amazon would be diving into the wireless earbud game at some point soon, and during the company’s massive hardware event on September 25, that’s exactly what happened. Ladies and  [Read More…]

Plantronics adds 3 new truly wireless earbuds to the BackBeat family

The BackBeat PRO 5100 are the first truly wireless headphones from the BackBeat PRO lineup.

What you need to know Plantronics has released four new pairs of wireless headphones all for under $ 200. The BackBeat FIT 3150, BackBeat FIT 3200, and BackBeat PRO 5100 are the three truly wireless models. The BackBeat FIT 6100 is an over-the-ear fitness pair of headphones.

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Samsung devises truly strange way to troll the iMessage blue bubbles

What you need to know Samsung is back to trolling Apple, this time focusing on the iMessage blue bubbles. It created a collection of GIFs on Giphy making fun of the blue bubbles while celebrating green bubbles. Sadly, the joke isn’t really that funny and just ends up looking sad.

Even by Samsung standards, this is pretty weird.

Samsung is no stranger to trolling Apple, but its latest troll job might be its most cringey yet. To  [Read More…]

Jabra Elite 65t vs. Sennheiser Momentum True Wirless: Top truly wireless

Jabra Elite 65t

Jack of all trades

$ 138 at Amazon

Pros Reliable Sound quality Battery life Cons Micro-USB for charging No wireless charging case

The Elite 65t are a reliable pair of truly wireless earbuds and check all of the right boxes with excellent battery life and solid sound quality.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

Excellent sound quality

$ 300 at Amazon

Pros Sound quality USB-C charging Premium charging case Cons Serious battery  [Read More…]

Android is adding new features for truly wireless headphones with Fast Pair

The features are coming later this year for headphones with Fast Pair support.

What you need to know Headphones with Fast Pair will be getting some new features later this year. Truly wireless headphones will have the ability to display battery levels for each individual bud and the case. Fast Pair devices will also gain support for Find My Device.

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