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Twitter finally lets you schedule tweets

Scheduling tweets was once the exclusive domain of third-party apps and services.

What you need to know Twitter now lets you schedule tweets on the web. The service started testing out scheduling for a select group of users earlier this year. Twitter’s web-app has also been updated to include saving of drafted tweets and draft syncing to other instances of the web-app.

Twitter has officially announced and rolled out tweet scheduling for its web-app. Tweet scheduling is  [Read More…]

Trump may punish Google, Facebook, and Twitter for political bias

Trump had threatened to “close down” social media platforms on Wednesday.

What you need to know President Donald Trump is likely to sign an executive order against social media companies on Thursday. The order could allow federal regulators to apply constraints to social media companies such as Twitter, Google and Facebook for “political bias.” For a long time, Trump has alleged that major social media companies are biased against conservatives.

President Donald Trump is expected to sign  [Read More…]

Twitter tests restricting replies to tweets to cut down on harassment

Rolling out to a small percentage of users globally now.

What you need to know Twitter is testing a new feature that lets you choose who can reply to the tweet you’re composing. You’ll have three permission options to choose from, including only the people you @mention. Others will still be able to view and like your tweets, but not reply.

Twitter has a problem with harassment and unwanted replies, and it’s looking to alleviate that with  [Read More…]

Twitter may delete tweets spreading misleading COVID-19 information

Tweets that serve up misleading information are now at risk of being removed.

What you need to know Twitter will begin taking action against COVID-19 misinformation with a new labeling system. It will apply labels on tweets sharing disputed or misleading information and may delete them in severe cases. The system will work retroactively, applying to tweets made before the announcement as well.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to fuel the rise of conspiracy theories and fake  [Read More…]

Twitter joins Snapchat and Facebook with its own stories feature — Fleets

The firm is also bringing customizable timelines to its Android as well.

What you need to know Twitter is testing its own snapchat-inspired stories feature, dubbed Fleets. It’s a region-based test which is only available in Brazil at the moment. It also rolled out customizable timelines via swipeable lists to its Android app, months after debuting the feature on iOS.

Snapchat was the first to start with ephemeral stories, Facebook was next to bring it to all  [Read More…]

Twitter bows out of SXSW, citing coronavirus concerns

It’s a question that similarly sized events will have to face over the next few months until the virus is contained.

What you need to know Twitter is canceling its SXSW appearance as it cuts down on non-essential travel. SXSW itself will still go on, but the event organizers will keep an eye on attendee safety. Google last week also moved to limit employee travel in the wake of a coronavirus diagnosis.

Twitter is joining Google in  [Read More…]

Twitter down for you? You’re not alone. (Updated)

How will I waste time at work now?

What you need to know Twitter is down right now for many people across the globe. A spike in outage alerts started around 4 p.m. ET. The outage prevents people from sending new tweets and refreshing their timelines.

Updated February 7, 2020: It appears Twitter has solved whatever issue was plagueing the service. You should now be able to send new tweets once more.

Okay, don’t freak out,  [Read More…]

PSA: Don’t update Twitter for Android right now; app crashing constantly

The latest Twitter for Android update is crashing immediately upon launch.

What you need to know Twitter rolled out an update that’s causing the app to immediately crash. You’re advised to hold off from installing the update while Twitter investigates the issue. If you’ve already installed the app, you’ll have to clear the cache or storage to get it to work again.

It’s uncommon to find wide-ranging bugs affecting a lot of users, but that’s exactly what’s  [Read More…]

Twitter is down in New York, Montreal, Japan, and other parts of the world

There’s no word on when things will be back to normal.

What you need to know Twitter is down for some users as of January 10, 2020. The largest impacted areas include the east coast of the U.S. and Japan. It’s unclear when things will be back to normal.

Having trouble with Twitter on this fine Friday afternoon? You aren’t alone. As of January 10, a lot of people around the world are experiencing connection issues with  [Read More…]

Twitter will soon let you control who can reply to your tweets

You’ll be able to shoo the trolls back to their bridges and keep them there.

What you need to know Twitter will let you limit who can interact with your tweets with a new feature test in a bid to promote healthy discussion on the platform. You’ll be able to prevent people who you don’t follow from retweeting or replying to your tweet directly. The changes will roll out later this year.

Twitter is making changes to  [Read More…]