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This mini TYLT portable Bluetooth speaker is now on sale for only $15

Ever wish you could blast your music without having to carry around some bulky Bluetooth speaker? The TYLT Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker would be the perfect pickup as it’s so small you can shove it in your pocket, in a bag, or carry it around without much hassle. Right now it’s on sale for just $ 14.99 at Daily Steals when you use promo code THRIFTERTYLT during checkout. That saves you $ 5 off its regular cost at Amazon; currently,  [Read More…]

TYLT Energi Pro review: MrMobile’s favorite battery backpack

I knew I needed to review the TYLT Energi Pro when I first saw Daniel Bader rocking one on an overseas trip a few months back – and even though he’s beaten me to the official take with his own excellent review, I’ve gathered some followup thoughts on the backpack in the weeks since. See, the TYLT Energi Pro isn’t just any old backpack. It’s a bag with a built-in 20,100 mAh battery beefy enough to recharge your tablets,  [Read More…]

Tylt Energi Pro backpack review: Would you like a bag with your battery?

Tylt’s excellent Energi Pro backpack comes with a 20,100mAh portable battery, 12 zippers, and one of the most comfortable set of straps I’ve ever worn.

I have a bag problem. It started years ago when I was looking for a decent messenger back to sling across my shoulders while talking through the city, but since then it’s extended to backpacks, too.

I am constantly searching for the perfect combination of design, comfort, space and features, and with  [Read More…]

TYLT ENERGI Battery Case for Galaxy S6: Is battery life worth the bulk?

TYLT’s ENERGI Battery Case keeps the Galaxy S6 going for the long haul, but man is it mammoth.

Battery cases aren’t for everyone. While they can more than double the amount of use you get from your Galaxy S6, these cases are built to pack power that generally doesn’t come in a small package — and the TYLT ENERGI Battery Case is a prime example. Those seeking the extra protection and battery life, however, may find  [Read More…]

TYLT VU SOLO Qi charger review

Qi chargers are commodities, but TYLT keeps coming up with new ideas

You can get a Qi-compatible wireless charger from any number of manufacturers in every shape, size, style and quality level. And in this sea of chargers TYLT has continued to make interesting and appealing options that make you look at them instead of the no-name ones out there. They always bring an unmistakable design, to be sure, but are also just well-made and functional  [Read More…]

TYLT Vu-Mate Qi charging card for the Galaxy Note 4

A viable option for adding wireless charging to your Note 4, but read the fine print first

The Galaxy Note 4‘s lack of wireless charging leads owners to the decision of buying Samsung’s own first-party wireless charging back, or going with a third-party charging insert, in order to add the capability. Unfortunately the replacement Qi charging back that Samsung sells is thicker than what the phone comes with and kills any chance that you can use  [Read More…]

TYLT promo knocks $25 off Energi Sliding Power Cases for Galaxy S5, S4

For those of you looking to inject a little more juice into your Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5, TYLT has announced a new promotion that knocks $ 25 off of its Energi Sliding Power Cases for the two devices. With the cases regularly priced at $ 80 for the S5 and $ 50 for the S4, this marks a fairly substantial discount.

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Tylt shows off their new gear, including a silicone Moto 360 strap

Tylt gear has a hard-earned reputation for being well designed, colorful, and a little on the pricey side. The folks at Tylt target hardcore mobile users with their gear, and every year there’s something fun to check out. While the Tylt lineup includes some classics like the Energi backpack and the Vu charger, there are new options available to Moto 360 owners being announced at CES. Tylt has worked with Motorola to release a silicone strap for the 360,  [Read More…]

TYLT ENERGI 2K makes sense for iPhone users, not so much for anyone else

The TYLT ENERGI 2K travel charger, on paper, makes sense. It’s got prongs that fold out of the body and straight into a wall charger, so there’s no mucking about with USB cables and separate charging warts. Just plug the battery into the wall and charge away. We get that. And if you’re an iPhone user, that makes sense. Who wants to carry around a microUSB cable that you might well have no other use for?

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TYLT Energi 10K, 5K, 3K and 2K battery packs

Four batteries to fit your needs, each with solid design and performance — just be ready to pay for them.

TYLT has made name for itself as a manufacturer that puts out high-quality mobile accessories that are both functional and completely unique in their design. You can usually spot a TYLT case or battery by its sharp lines, soft-touch materials and striking palette of amazingly bright and lively colors. Its lineup of Energi external batteries are  [Read More…]