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There’s no better time to drop FaceTime and use a universal calling app

Great cross-platform video calling apps exist, and we should use them.

“FaceTime” has become a Kleenex-level generic word to describe making a video call on your phone, no matter the platform or what app people are actually using. Yet even in one of Apple’s densest markets, the U.S., a full 50% of people can’t use FaceTime at all — because they have an Android phone. There are great video calling apps that cross operating system boundaries —  [Read More…]

Moment’s new universal lens mount works with nearly all Android phones

The mount works with both front and rear phone cameras.

What you need to know Moment has launched a universal lens mount for smartphones and tablets. The lens mount has been designed for users who own a phone that Moment doesn’t make a specialized case for. It is priced at $ 30 and is expected to begin shipping before the end of the month.

Moment, a Seattle-based company that has been making fantastic attachment lenses for smartphones  [Read More…]

How to use a universal remote on PlayStation 4

There’s no need to get a remote specific to the PlayStation 4. Universal remotes and the PlayStation 4 both support HDMI-CEC. So, if you have a TV which also supports this connection, and most modern TVs do, you can use your universal remote with your PS4. Here’s how to set it up.

How’s your universal remote game? Universal Smart Home: Logitech – Harmony Companion Remote and Hub ($ 105 at Amazon) Preparing the PS4

You have to set  [Read More…]

Caavo universal remote gets more compelling with a lower price and new features

A better starting price, the ability to control Sonos, remote management and so much more are tucked into this latest update.

Caavo — a relatively new player in the universal remote space — today announced a pretty major retooling of its Caavo Control Center system. It’s a box into which you’ll plug all your devices (well, up to four of them, anyway), plug it into your TV, and use a single remote to control all the things, with a  [Read More…]

The Logitech Harmony Express universal remote trades complexity for Amazon Alexa

Setting up activities — and attaching them to myriad buttons — are a thing of the past as the remote is simplified, and relies on the power of your voice.

Logitech today announced the Harmony Express — a simplified remote control that shuns a touchscreen and eschews an overwhelming amount of buttons and instead relies on Amazon Alexa to do most of the heavy lifting.

As home entertainment systems have become more complex — and the advent of smart home  [Read More…]

Logitech’s Harmony 650 universal remote control is down to $25 today

Make life a little easier.

The Logitech Harmony 650 infrared all-in-one universal remote control is down to $ 24.99 at Best Buy today only. That price marks the lowest we’ve ever seen for this remote, which usually sells around $ 42 on average at Amazon. It has even been selling as high as $ 50 most recently, so the drop to $ 25 is especially great.

Binge With Me Logitech Harmony 650 all-in-one universal remote control

This  [Read More…]

The Logitech Harmony 650 universal remote control is on sale for $30

Make life a little easier.

The Logitech Harmony 650 infrared all-in-one universal remote control is down to $ 29.99 on Amazon. That price matches the lowest we’ve ever seen for this remote, which usually sells around $ 40. It has even been selling as high as $ 50 most recently, so the drop to $ 30 is especially great.

The Harmony 650 has support for eight devices, which means you can throw away as many as eight  [Read More…]

Take the Xcentz Universal Travel Adapter around the world at nearly 50% off

For the jetsetters.

Use code 42GX2ETQ over at Amazon to knock the Xcentz Universal Travel Adapter down to $ 11.99. Usually it costs around $ 23, so this code gets you a significant discount. The reviews left so far are very favorable.

This travel adapter will work in over 150 countries. There are four USB ports to charge your gear at high speeds. The device has built-in protection against short circuits, over-charging, and the like. It won’t  [Read More…]

Caavo’s universal remote and 4K home theater hub is $30 off

Works with your Roku, PlayStation, Amazon hardware, YouTube, and more.

The Caavo Control Center universal remote and 4K home theater hub is down to $ 69.95 at Amazon. This is a relatively new product and we only wrote about it for the first time in October. Since then, we have seen it go as low as $ 60 before but those deals tend to be limited-time offers. Today’s deal is not its lowest price ever but is  [Read More…]

Take your tech around the world with $7 off a universal travel adapter

Take that, weird European plugs. Take. That.

Enter code I8Y95PJ2 during checkout at Amazon to get this Castries Universal Travel Adapter for $ 12.99, a $ 7 discount compared to the usual $ 20 price.

This international power adapter will have you covered from Australia to Zambia. It works in 170 different countries, and there are four USB ports as well as a traditional AC socket. The adapter has built-in protection against power surges, overheating, short-circuiting, and  [Read More…]