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The $30 Mi Band 4 fitness tracker is an unmissable deal on Cyber Monday

Xiaomi is the king of the value wearable segment, and the Mi Band 4 is an absolute steal at $ 30.

If you’re in the market for an affordable fitness band, you won’t find anything better than what Xiaomi has to offer. For the last five years, the Chinese manufacturer dominated the value wearable market on the back of stellar fitness trackers that retailed for $ 30 or less.

The Mi Band 4 continues that heritage, but it also  [Read More…]

Samsung’s building-sized Galaxy S7 edge billboard is unmissable

Most billboards have a tough time catching your attention, which is why companies tend to go all out to promote their products. That’s certainly the case with Samsung’s billboard showcasing the Galaxy S7 edge in Sokol, Moscow, which is 80 meters high and 40 meters wide. The billboard takes over one side of an office building, and can be spotted from 2.2 kilometers away.

Styled to look like a giant Galaxy S7 edge, the billboard consists of a  [Read More…]