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Take advantage of the OnePlus community for awesome updated images

One of my favorite things about setting up a new phone, or refreshing an existing phone, is customizing it by changing the themes, icon packs, and of course, the wallpapers and backgrounds. My problem is that I’m too indecisive, and I can’t always choose just the right background for my phone. Thankfully, OnePlus has marshaled the resources of its robust worldwide community and allowed its users to take member photos from around the world and set them as  [Read More…]

Amazon’s updated Fire HD 8 tablet brings faster performance, slimmer bezels

The new Fire HD 8 Plus offers Qi wireless charging as well.

What you need to know Amazon has introduced an updated version of its Fire HD 8 tablet. The new model comes with a faster processor, double the storage, and a USB Type-C port. Along with the refreshed Fire HD 8, Amazon has also launched new Fire HD 8 Plus and Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablets.

Amazon has unveiled an overhauled version of its affordable  [Read More…]

The WHO is using a WhatsApp bot to keep everyone updated on the coronavirus

The number is +41 79 893 18 92.

What you need to know The WHO is turning to WhatsApp as a way of disseminating the latest updates on the coronavirus. The WhatsApp bot will also answer any questions you might have about the pandemic. You can find the WHO at +41 79 893 18 92.

As fears around the coronavirus intensify, social media is abuzz with information pertaining to the virus. WhatsApp, often the primary vector for  [Read More…]

T-Mobile’s OnePlus 6T is getting updated to Android 10

The update for the OnePlus 6T initially began in November for unlocked models but was recalled once bugs were discovered.

What you need to know T-Mobile has started rolling out the Android 10 update for OnePlus 6T users. The release comes two months after OnePlus began rolling out its own update. The new update is also bundled with the December 2019 security patch.

OnePlus and T-Mobile are rolling out the Android 10 update to the T-Mobile two  [Read More…]

Twitter down for you? You’re not alone. (Updated)

How will I waste time at work now?

What you need to know Twitter is down right now for many people across the globe. A spike in outage alerts started around 4 p.m. ET. The outage prevents people from sending new tweets and refreshing their timelines.

Updated February 7, 2020: It appears Twitter has solved whatever issue was plagueing the service. You should now be able to send new tweets once more.

Okay, don’t freak out,  [Read More…]

The Play Store will no longer inform users when apps have been updated

Notifications informing users of pending updates may also have been affected.

What you need to know Google is seemingly working to reduce the number of notifications originating from the Play Store. A Google spokesperson has confirmed that it’s testing a change where confirmations for app updates won’t be sent out. A bug may also be causing errors in notifying users that an app update is available and asking for their permission to download it manually.

The Google  [Read More…]

This high-end 2-in-1 Chromebook is $500 off for Cyber Monday [Updated]

Cyber Monday is a great time to pick up a new laptop, whether it be for yourself or a Christmas present for a loved one. There are plenty of Windows and Mac options out there, but have you ever considered a Chromebook?

So long as you don’t plan on using your future laptop for video editing or high-end gaming, a Chromebook is kind of perfect. They’re much easier to use, often cost a lot less money, and can do just  [Read More…]

Best Chromebook Deals for Cyber Monday 2019 [Updated]

If you don’t already have a Chromebook, it’s time to change that. Cyber Monday brings a bunch of great discounts to products that you’ve probably had your eye on during the year. There are a bunch of Chromebook options available, so you’re going to want to know what you’re looking for from a Chromebook so you can help yourself buy the right one. Whether you need a new laptop for work or want to try out a Chromebook before you  [Read More…]

Amazon Black Friday: Here are the best deals for 2019 [Updated]

Amazon’s Black Friday Week promotion has already kicked off, and the deals are flowing steady already. If you aren’t already shopping, you are doing Black Friday wrong this year. Several retailers have been selling stuff at significant discounts all month, so that means you’ve potentially been missing out on some great deals just to shop on a single day. Don’t worry, though. It’s not too late to turn things around and get yourself some really great stuff for less.

Let’s  [Read More…]

One Line Weekly is a big and elaborate 3D line puzzle that’s updated weekly

One Line Weekly is an indie game that quickly earned a spot on my list of the best puzzle games for Android. It’s a very elaborate puzzle game built around a simple concept that’s wholly explained in the title. All you need to do is rotate the pieces around until you create a single line, but you only have a week to work on it before the puzzle resets — and it’ll probably take you the full week  [Read More…]