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Galaxy Z Flip review: The best-looking smartphone I’ve ever used

A clamshell foldable that’s designed for the masses and made me fall in love with foldable phones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: The review Stunning design Excellent display Decent Battery Good Camera Great Performance Sleek Software Is it durable? The verdict: Should you buy it?

Foldable phones are mostly fantastic. I use a Galaxy Fold every single day, and while it’s a great phone, it’s too big for most people. Like a lot of flagships, the  [Read More…]

Apple, Googe and Facebook used market dominance to cripple competition

“Big Tech is bent on expanding until it does absolutely everything”

What you need to know A group of small tech firms has told Congress that Apple, Google, and Amazon used market dominance to crush them. Sonos, Tile, Basecamp, and PopSockets all appeared before a House antitrust committee on Friday, January 17. They all told stories of how larger tech companies used their market dominance to cripple competition.

Sonos, Tile, Basecamp, and PopSockets have all testified to  [Read More…]

Are you getting used to Android 10’s gestures?

Let’s have a chat with the AC forums.

When Android 10 was released to the public on September 3, 2019, it brought a ton of new features with it. Google added a long-awaited dark mode, revamped settings for app permissions, and brand-new fully gestural navigation.

That last point has caused a lot of annoyance, with many users not at all pleased with Google’s take on gesture-based navigation for the OS. It was certainly a learning curve at  [Read More…]

Is Android more boring than it used to be?

Let’s have a chat with the AC forums.

Taking a look at Android as a whole, there’s no denying the platform has dramatically changed over the last few years.

Things like modding and rooting used to be extremely popular, but as devices become more powerful and feature-rich, we’ve seen that community die down considerably.

Some would argue that this has resulted in Android being boring or less exciting than it was in years past, and recently, this  [Read More…]

Charmin used CES 2020 to show off a toilet paper delivery robot

Because that’s what heroes do.

What you need to know Charmin has designed a cute bear-faced robot named the “Rollbot” to deliver you toilet paper when you run out. It also created a SmellSense sensor to determine when the air is all clear before entering the bathroom. The folks over at Charmin’s GoLab also invented a brand new V.I.Pee premium porta-potty experience that uses an Oculus Rift S to make sure you don’t miss any of the  [Read More…]

Redbox is selling used video games for ridiculously cheap right now

You can get some sweet deals on Redbox’s used video games while supplies last.

What you need to know Redbox has confirmed that it is leaving the video gaming rental business. The rental company has several video games currently in its inventory. The company wants to quickly get rid of this inventory, so right now you can purchase used Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch games for ridiculously cheap. The best options will go quickly, so  [Read More…]

I used T-Mobile’s new 5G network, and it’s a whole lot like its 4G network

There are improvements to be found, but this isn’t a complete game changer yet.

The early days of 5G networks are confusing, with the biggest annoyance being the explanation of what kind of 5G network a given carrier is using. There’s mmWave, which Verizon is incredibly bullish on, and then there’s Sub-6, which has been deployed by far more carriers around the world and is easier to launch quickly and comprehensively. (And then, there are differences in  [Read More…]

What graphics card will be used in the PlayStation 5?

Best answer: The PlayStation 5 will pack a custom Radeon Navi GPU that can support 8K resolution and ray tracing. It is unknown how many teraflops of computing power it will have.

Build your library: PlayStation Store Gift Card (From $ 10 and up at Amazon)

What graphics card does the PlayStation 4 Pro use in comparison?

The PlayStation 4 Pro currently uses an AMD Radeon GPU with 4.2 terflops of computing power. Games can render  [Read More…]

Your used Nest Cam might be spying on you

If the previous owner connected it to a Wink smart hub, they could still have access.

What you need to know Despite factory resetting the Nest Cam, the Wink app allows you to view live images of previously owned cameras. It is unknown if this affects all Nest cameras or other smart home integrations at this time. Nest has not officially responded to a request for more information.

If you’ve ever bought a used Nest Cam before,  [Read More…]

The Oculus Quest is the most amazing gadget I’ve used in years

Fanboy raving commences in 3…2…1.

“I want to buy something.”

I said this to my wife a couple of weeks ago when we were relaxing at home after we both got off of work. Being the self-proclaimed tech enthusiast that I am, I often get an itch to play with a new piece of technology to keep myself engaged with what’s going on in the industry.

Thankfully with the nature of the job that I have, this  [Read More…]