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Zoom users must update the desktop app to continue joining meetings

Zoom is rolling out new GCM encryption, beginning May 30.

What you need to know Zoom is rolling out GCM encryption across its platform this weekend. That means if you want to keep using Zoom and joining meetings, you need to update. If you can’t update the desktop client, you can use the mobile app or the web client instead

Popular video-conferencing app Zoom has announced that users must update their desktop client after this weekend in  [Read More…]

Google Maps improvements support essential workers, wheelchair users

These Google Maps updates offer additional support to people who need it now more than ever.

What you need to know Google has rolled out two new community-minded changes to Maps. The first highlights businesses which make accommodations for wheelchair accessibility. The second will make it easier for frontline workers to find hotels and lodging which offer special deals.

Google is rolling out two updates to Google Maps that reward more thoughtful business owners. The first is  [Read More…]

Do new coronavirus credit card perks apply to authorized users?

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Many credit cards are now offering limited-time perks designed to encourage cardholders to use (and renew) their travel rewards credit cards — even if they’re staying at home due to  [Read More…]

UK users targeted by malicious, fake contact tracing text messages

A message falsely warns users they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

What you need to know Scammers are reportedly preying on the UK’s upcoming contact tracing app. UK mobile users are receiving malicious texts, falsely stating they have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms. The attack could be used to steal personal information or compromise bank accounts.

A report suggests that scammers have already starting targeting UK  [Read More…]

Google Photos could soon allow users to easily remove audio from videos

With just a single tap.

What you need to know The Google Photos app could soon allow users to remove audio from their videos easily. Currently, the Google Photos app only lets you do things like rotating a video, trim parts, as well as export frames. The new feature will likely begin rolling out to users sometime later this year.

Google Photos may not be the first app that you’d think of for editing a video on  [Read More…]

Users are petitioning Samsung to stop using Exynos processors in its phones

It’s already gathered nearly 2,300 signatures in a single day.

What you need to know Some users are complaining about Samsung’s use of Exynos processors in its phones. Calling these products “inferior,” the petition asks Samsung to abandon the lineup and use only Qualcomm’s SoCs in its phones. In just a day, nearly 2,300 people have already signed up.

While Samsung may be proud of its capability to manufacture its SoCs in-house, its customers clearly aren’t satisfied  [Read More…]

Google One users get gifted $5 Play Store credit

It’s essentially a free month and a half of base Google One storage.

What you need to know Google One is Google’s paid storage subscription service. The company is now offering users of its service a $ 5 reward voucher. This can be redeemed across all of Google’s Play enabled devices to purchase apps, books, movies, and games.

If you have a Google One subscription, you would do well to check your email. A nice surprise might  [Read More…]

Google’s G Suite, which includes Docs, just surpassed 2 billion users

G Suite boss Javier Soltero also suggested the company is looking at better integration between apps for the future.

What you need to know G Suite now has over 2 billion active monthly users, the GM and VP of G Suite revealed this week. Bringing smart compose to other apps beyond just Gmail and Docs is one of the ways the company is looking to improve its productivity suite. It’s also looking at improving integration between the  [Read More…]

Some VPN apps and ad blockers have been spying on users’ phones

A total of 20 apps with a combined 35 million downloads were found to be engaging in these practices.

What you need to know Sensor Tower, a data analytics company, has been using an assortment of free VPNs and ad-blocking apps to collect user data. The identified apps have more than 35 million downloads in total. Both Google and Apple have removed some of these apps from their app stores since the revelations.

A new report from  [Read More…]

Spotify’s brand new home screen is now rolling out for Android users

It offers customized content recommendations based on the time of day.

What you need to know Spotify has updated its mobile and tablet Home screens to help users access their favorite content faster. The new section at the top offers recommendations that keep changing throughout the day. The updated home screen is now rolling out to users globally.

Spotify has started rolling out a redesigned home screen to users, which it says has been designed to help  [Read More…]