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The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro can now record videos in HEVC format to save space

The latest OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 8 series includes the May 2020 security patch as well.

What you need to know OnePlus is rolling out a new OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro phones. The latest update comes with several new features, including support for encoding videos in the H.265 codec. The H.265 codec helps reduce the size of recorded videos without compromising on quality.

OnePlus is now rolling out a new OxygenOS  [Read More…]

Google Photos could soon allow users to easily remove audio from videos

With just a single tap.

What you need to know The Google Photos app could soon allow users to remove audio from their videos easily. Currently, the Google Photos app only lets you do things like rotating a video, trim parts, as well as export frames. The new feature will likely begin rolling out to users sometime later this year.

Google Photos may not be the first app that you’d think of for editing a video on  [Read More…]

How to easily back up your photos and videos to the cloud

How do I back up my photos and video?

You have all these awesome photos and videos on your phone, but what happens when you decide to buy a new phone or your on-device storage becomes too full to take any more? Since some phones these days don’t give you the option to back up to a microSD card, that leaves one solid option: back it all up to the cloud!

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YouTube will take down conspiracy videos linking 5G to COVID-19

UK Ministers have condemned these theories as dangerous nonsense.

What you need to know Conspiracy theories linking 5G and COVID-19 have spread like wildfire on YouTube and other social platforms. Google will now remove all conspiracy videos drawing a link between the two. These videos have resulted in threats of assault and acts of arson against moile engineers.

5G conspiracy theories have been popular even before the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic but they’ve taken a new  [Read More…]

You can now download screenshots and videos from Google Stadia

That took a while.

What you need to know Google Stadia is a game streaming service. It’s getting a lot of interesting games in the coming weeks to months. You can now download and save your in-game screenshots and videos through the website. You can purchase a Stadia bundle for $ 130 through the Google Store.

Ever since Google Stadia was announced, users have been asking the company to add the ability to save screenshots and videos  [Read More…]

Yes you can have a smart video doorbell and keep your videos local!

Even if you’ve never considered a smart video camera to watch over your property, you might be eyeballing a smart video doorbell. Guess what? Those have cameras too, and the vast majority of them, especially the most popular ones like Ring, store all of your video footage in the cloud. If you’re uncomfortable with this arrangement, or if you just want to know what your options are for storing your video footage locally, then we’ve got you covered.  [Read More…]

Your Google Photos videos may have been ‘incorrectly’ sent to strangers

Google says it conducted an in-depth analysis after resolving the issue to prevent it from happening again in the future.

What you need to know A technical issue affected Google Photos’ ‘Download your data’ service between November 21, 2019 and November 25, 2019. During the affected period, Google says some Google Photos content may have been incorrectly exported to unrelated users’ archives. Google says the issue was identified and resolved on November 25, 2019.

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How to download YouTube videos to watch offline

We can stay up from dawn till dusk and we will never run out of YouTube videos to watch, but what do you do when you have to stray from your faithful Wi-Fi? You download some YouTube videos for offline playback, of course. Here’s how — and who — can download videos in YouTube for offline playback.

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Billboard will start counting music videos for its music rankings

Only official uploads to platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music will be counted.

What you need to know Billboard is changing how it determines the popularity of music on its charts. It announces this week that it will start including online music videos in its Billboard 200 rankings. However, the company noted that only ‘official’ views from established platforms would be tallied.

The music landscape has changed significantly in the last decade, thanks to the disruption  [Read More…]

The Play Store’s auto-playing videos will have a toggle to turn them off

It’s still in testing for now.

What you need to know Google has been experimenting with auto-playing videos in the Play Store since August. The company recently added a toggle turn the feature off by default. The change was supposed to officially roll out in September, but the company still hasn’t made it widely available.

Google’s making a change to the Play Store that most of us will probably not like. It’s been testing autoplay videos for  [Read More…]