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How to view battery usage figures on your Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 has a generous 4,000mAh battery that lasts all day, but if you’re curious about seeing just what services are using up the battery, you can do so from the phone’s settings. You’ll be able to see detailed usage statistics, and a list of all the apps that are consuming battery cycles, which is important when that errant app running in the background starts draining your battery.

How to view battery usage statistics on the Galaxy  [Read More…]

The Outer Worlds gets field of view slider on consoles next week

The Outer Worlds is about to get even better.

What you need to know The Outer Worlds is a first-person adventure game from Obsidian Entertainment. The title is also available on PlayStation 4 due to past publishing agreements. The developer is going to issue a patch next week which brings a Field of View option to consoles.

The Outer Worlds is an upcoming first-person role-playing game (RPG) from Obsidian Entertainment. Despite the fact that the team is  [Read More…]

August’s battery-powered View doorbell camera is back on sale

The battery-operated doorbell camera was launched in April this year.

What you need to know The battery-powered August View doorbell camera is now on sale again. August had paused shipping the doorbell camera in April due to some performance issues that were reported by users. The wire-free doorbell camera now offers more reliable connectivity, improved video quality, faster notifications, as well as quicker device wake-up time.

August has announced that its battery-operated View doorbell camera is now  [Read More…]

Photoshop Camera coming in 2020 with live view filters powered by AI

Will also feature filters from ‘well-known artists and influencers.’

What you need to know Photoshop Camera is coming for iOS and Android in 2020. There is a limited preview version that you can sign up to try out right now. Photoshop Camera will apply filters and effects before or after taking a photo and uses Adobe’s Sensei AI to help choose or apply effects depending on what is in the photo.

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Google Maps finally gets a Street View layer on Android

The Street View layer on Google Maps is now widely available for Android users.

What you need to know The Google Maps Android app now offers a “Street View” layer. To enter Street View mode, you will need to tap on the map layers FAB on the top-right corner. Once you apply the Street View layer, areas where Street View is available will be highlighted in a darker shade.

Google rolled out AR directions for both Android  [Read More…]

Google fined for collecting personal data with Street View cars in 2010

The company only has to pay $ 13 million.

What you need to know In 2010, Google’s Street View cars collected emails and passwords from unprotected Wi-Fi networks. Google’s finally reached a settlement and has agreed to pay $ 13 million. All of the data that was collected will be destroyed.

Google has finally reached a settlement concerning a privacy scandal that occurred back in 2010. Nine years ago, Google found itself involved in the “Wi-Spy” incident  [Read More…]

How to reset the view of your Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest tracks your movements using built-in cameras, but sometimes it assumes the wrong orientation of a room. You can easily recenter your Oculus Quest by resetting its view. This is important for games in which you’ll want to face a certain way like Beat Saber. It’s also useful for if you need to rotate where you’re facing without moving around too much.

How to reset your view in Oculus Quest

Luckily, there aren’t a lot of  [Read More…]

Replace your peephole with Ring’s latest Door View Cam for $199

Ring first announced the Door View Cam back at CES 2019, and said that it was coming later this year. Well, if you’ve been one of the many who are anxiously awaiting the product, your time has come. The Ring Door View Cam is now officially available at Amazon, Ring, and select other retailers for $ 199. The appeal of the Door View Cam is pretty simple; it replaces your existing peephole and doesn’t require any drilling or electrical to  [Read More…]

The Galaxy View 2 is Samsung’s latest attempt at bridging TV and tablet

It costs $ 740 and it’s… massive.

Samsung’s enormous Galaxy View 2 tablet is coming to AT&T. With a 17.3-inch screen, the Galaxy View 2 is actually slightly smaller than its predecessor, but it’s still absolutely massive.

Besides the gigantic 17.3-inch Full HD screen, the Samsung Galaxy View 2 is packing an Exynos 7884 processor, 3GB of RAM, a front-facing 5-megapixel camera, and 64GB of storage with a microSD card slot for expansion. There is also a  [Read More…]

Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs. Honor View 20: Which should you buy?

We test almost every new phone to give you the best insight on what to buy — and perhaps more importantly, what not to buy.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Top of the line

$ 834 at Amazon

Pros Exemplary battery life Excellent cameras 3D face unlock Cons Large notch obfuscates notifications In-display fingerprint sensor is slow

The Mate 20 Pro delivers one of the most versatile camera arrays around, and packs excellent battery life to  [Read More…]