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Infinity Ward almost nails it with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Despite a few road bumps, Modern Warfare feels like a return to form for the FPS franchise.

Modern Warfare brings us back to some of the very best first-person shooter experiences that I can remember from years gone-by. There is a lot of game here too, something for everyone. If you love a good storyline, Modern Warfare has it. Do you want a Battle Royale? It has that as well. Lots of games try to offer everything  [Read More…]

Ward off a dead device with discounted Aukey USB-C charging cables for $5

These well-reviewed charging cables by Aukey were built to last.

Before spending over $ 10 for a decent charging cable in a brick-and-mortar store, or a few bucks for a less-than-decent one which will soon stop working, you should consider picking up a couple of Aukey’s charging cables at Amazon instead. These well-reviewed cables are generally more affordable than those of similar quality at other retailers, and when they’re on sale, you can grab them at prices which beat  [Read More…]

Ward away scratches with Tech Armor’s HD Clear Screen Protector 3-pack for HTC One M9

Ready to protect that 5-inch 1080p IPS display without sacrificing your screen’s clarity? These HD Clear Protectors from Tech Armor have you covered.

When it comes to quality protection for your HTC One M9’s display, you’ll need a screen protector that not only shields against annoying scratches and scuffs, but also retains its original quality. Thankfully, the folks over at Tech Armor have produced a fantastic option for HTC One M9’s owners everywhere with these HD  [Read More…]