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Best ways to create art in VR on the Oculus Quest

Virtual reality offers an excellent digital space for unique 3D artwork, graphic design, and animation. Yet the wireless Quest lacks the PC processing to handle several excellent artistic VR apps, and the few quality Quest ports lose some key features. Despite this, we’d argue it’s a fair tradeoff for an untethered, 3D painting experience. The Quest port of our top choice for VR art creation, Tilt Brush, benefits strongly from a lack of wires, as do our other  [Read More…]

Here are some easy ways to simplify those inevitable tech support calls

Did you try turning it off then turning it back on again?

I suspect that if you’re reading this article and you’re an Android Central regular that you’re pretty tech-savvy. You’ve probably also been called on more times than you can count to help solve some sort of (real or imagined) tech crisis for friends and family. For many like us, this deluge of calls and texts is usually centered around the holidays, but now that we’re  [Read More…]

3 ways to use your Amex Platinum Uber credit while stuck at home

Heads up! We share savvy shopping and personal finance tips to put extra cash in your wallet. Android Central may receive a commission from The Points Guy Affiliate Network. Please note that the offers mentioned below are subject to change at any time and some may no longer be available.

Your credit card benefits can significantly offset the annual fee on a card — but that only applies if you actually can make use of the perks. For instance, one  [Read More…]

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Android Phone Faster

It’s time to give your phone a tune-up.

You bought a shiny new phone, and a few months later realize it isn’t quite as fast as it used to be. We’ve all been there, and the issue isn’t limited to budget devices — a few high-end phones are also prone to the occasional slowdown after several months of usage.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can try to get your phone running back at full speed.  [Read More…]

Here are the best ways to keep fit in self-isolation

If you’ve moved to working from home like many people around the world because of coronavirus, you might be wondering how you’re going to stay fit with your new daily routine. With gyms closed and people mandated to stay at home by local government, now’s probably a great time to think about how you can keep up your fitness at home as well as perhaps investing in some home gym equipment.

You don’t necessarily need to spend anything to work  [Read More…]

Check out the different ways you can customize your look in ‘Doom Eternal’

Check out the ways you can deck out the Slayer in Doom Eternal.

What you need to know Bethesda has revealed that players can tweak the armor of the Slayer in Doom Eternal. Bethesda has released a new video showing off the different armor customization players can use in-game. There’s even a very special unicorn skin for Twitch Prime members. Doom Eternal is set to release on March 20 for most platforms, with a Nintendo Switch release  [Read More…]

Walmart’s Black Friday deals are live with hundreds of ways to save

Looks like the biggest shopping day of the year, which hasn’t been just one single day in a long time, is finally upon us. Walmart’s huge collection of Black Friday deals is live now! There are so many ways to save on this list you might even find it overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for new tech, bedding, clothing, kitchen appliances, or something else… if you can find it at Walmart on a normal day, you’re going to find it on  [Read More…]

Death Stranding is beautiful, confusing, and strange in all the right ways

Kojimas Productions made the weirdest game I’ve played this year and, for all of my complaints with Death Stranding, I can’t help but like it.

Death Stranding was never going to live up to the mythologized version we created. You can count me as someone who finds review scores arbitrary and would rather focus on the text, and I find it especially difficult to assign a score to Kojima’s latest project. It’s already going down as one  [Read More…]

Ten ways to avoid getting murdered using Facebook Dating

No, step one isn’t deleting Facebook.

There are hundreds of dating apps out there, serving every kind of person you can imagine. Facebook thinks you shouldn’t need a different app for dating, and should instead use the app you already use every day. With millions of people using Facebook all over the world daily, it seems likely you’d be able to connect with someone nearby in a hurry. The question is, can you trust that person? Are  [Read More…]

6 ways to control your child’s screen time

I’m a mom of 10 kids, so I know how helpful it is to have an extra set of eyes to help protect kids from cyberbullying, block them from inappropriate content, and manage screen time. Here are six apps I’ve found that work well while still letting them enjoy texting, social media, and gaming within healthy boundaries. My personal favorite is Mobicip because I can lock my kids’ phones from my own, plus monitor and control what they  [Read More…]