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How to watch this week’s German soccer online from anywhere

While it took some getting used to watching matches being played in whisper-quiet empty stadiums, the Bundeliga made a largely successful behind closed doors return from pandemic suspension last weekend.

With a string of eye-catching games making up the fixture list for this second week back from the enforced break, there’s plenty to look forward to for casual German soccer fans and hardcore Bundesliga supporters alike. Don’t miss a moment by following our live stream guide to watching all matches  [Read More…]

Improve your posture in 2 weeks with this best-selling device

Working on your posture is harder than it sounds. Despite the plethora of advice and encouragement you’ve likely received from your doctor or concerned family members, traditional methods to improve your posture always seem to lead more to pain than gain, and it’s not unlikely that you’ve already resigned yourself to a life of uncomfortable and unhealthy slumping.

But that would be a big mistake, given the fact that improving your posture can lead to a much healthier and  [Read More…]

Disney+ pushes French launch 2 weeks at government’s request

Disney will also put measures in place to reduce overall bandwidth utilization in EU amid an overburdened network.

What you need to know Disney+ will not launch in France until April 7 at the behest of the French government. The launch was originally planned for March 24, when the launch is still scheduled to occur for seven other European countries. Disney will also be limiting the bandwidth the service uses to help reduce the strain on overburdened  [Read More…]

Disney+ launches on India’s Hotstar three weeks ahead of schedule

Disney+ catalog is now available to stream on Hotstar in India, including The Mandalorian.

What you need to know Disney+ was slated to go live on Hotstar on March 29, but it’s already live for users in the country. Marquee shows like The Mandalorian are available to stream, as well as all movies in the Star Wars franchise. With the integration, Hotstar has been rebranded to Disney+ Hotstar.

Disney+ was scheduled to launch on India’s Hotstar streaming  [Read More…]

Stadia app hits the Play Store two weeks before launch

The app is currently useless until invite codes go out.

What you need to know The Stadia app is now officially available on the Google Play Store. The app will allow you to manage your Stadia account, games, and controllers — but at this time, there is nothing you can do until invite codes are released. The app will also be available on iOS, too, but is currently not live on Apple’s App Store.

On November 19,  [Read More…]

We’re answering your questions on this week’s podcast!

It’s time to let us know your burning questions.

The Android Central podcast covers a wide range of topics each week, and even though we run 1-2 hours with each episode it’s impossible to get to every thing that every listener wants to hear. That’s why this week we’re hoping to fill in the gaps and address exactly what you want to hear with an all Q&A episode of the podcast!

We’re recording the podcast tomorrow, October  [Read More…]

Play Store redesign for Android TV rolling out over the next few weeks

The vast majority of Android TVs should receive the update.

What you need to know The Play Store redesign for Android TV has begun rolling out. The new design puts a focus on app discovery and visuals with fullscreen video previews. It has been confirmed that it will roll out more widely over the ‘next few weeks.’

Back in April, we first covered that a Play Store redesign was in the works for Android TV, and now  [Read More…]

Galaxy Fold is coming to the U.S. “in the coming weeks”

What you need to know The Galaxy Fold is coming to Korea on September 6. Will launch in the U.S. “in the coming weeks.” Debuting with all-new Premier Service onboarding experience


YouTube TV offering an expanded 14-day trial if you sign up over the next two weeks

It’s for new subscribers, obviously.

If you’ve been looking to sign up for YouTube TV but just hadn’t gotten to it yet — or maybe the seven-day trial just isn’t long enough — today’s the day. Google and YouTube TV are offering an extended 14-day trial if you sign up before Aug. 14. (Nice spot by Droid Life on this one.)

There is, of course, some fine print. First and most obvious, you need to be a new subscriber.  [Read More…]

Razer Phone confirmed to receive Android Pie update in ‘coming weeks’

The Razer Phone hasn’t received any new update since September last year.

What you need to know Razer’s first gaming smartphone will finally receive the Android Pie update in the “coming weeks.” The company has promised that the upcoming Pie update for the smartphone will also bring Android security updates. Razer Phone is currently stuck on Android 8.1 Oreo with the July 2018 security patch.

Razer began rolling out the Android Pie update for its second-generation gaming  [Read More…]