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Word Forward offers a fresh challenge for word puzzle fans

Word games are one of the more popular smartphone games in part because they can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Who among us hasn’t spent some time playing games like Words With Friends, killed time with the excellent NYTimes Crossword, or checked out the plethora of word-building games on the Google Play Store?

With so many games retreading the same territory, it can be real hard for a new game to stand out from the pack.  [Read More…]

How to change the Alexa wake word on your Amazon Echo

Having multiple Alexa devices in one household can get confusing, especially with every device coming equipped with the same wake word — “Alexa“. However, there is a way to remove all confusion, and it all comes down to selecting individual wake words for each of the devices in your home. All it takes is the Alexa app and a few taps on your mobile device. Let us show you how to do it.

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How to change the Amazon Echo ‘wake word’ using Alexa app

How can I address my Echo as “Computer”? Just follow these steps!

There’s a new way to address your Amazon Echo, and it’s about as fun as wearing Combadge — only with fewer stares in public. Amazon has updated the Echo and Echo Dot to respond to the wake word “Computer,” instead “Alexa” or “Echo,” and it’s easy to change. Here’s how to do it!

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Amazon’s new wake word for Echo will have all the Star Wars geeks smiling

Now all we need is a Q voice app that randomly speaks at you.

The number one request from every voice assistant speaker right now is for more wake words. Lots of people would prefer being able to designate their own wake word instead of a list of pre-defined options, but a longer list wouldn’t be bad either. Amazon already had more options than anyone else with “Alexa,” “Amazon” and “Echo” as wake words that could be set uniquely  [Read More…]

Best word games for Android

Twist your tongue with these great word games for Android.

We’ve rounded up the best Android word games you’ll find in the Google Play Store. These will test your puzzle-solving skills, trivia knowledge, and sheer reflexes. Quite a few have in-app purchases, but still offer plenty of free content on their own.

Ready to start working with letters? Check out our list of the best Android word games!

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Google is looking into adding more emoji to Android, but no word on when they may arrive

Apple recently rolled out a new version of its operating system that contained a number of new emoji, and many Android users were bummed they couldn’t see them. The complaints have been heard, as Google’s senior vice president of Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, has tweeted that the company is on it.

SwiftKey 6 beta brings double word predictions and more

SwiftKey is getting another huge update, the biggest since the SwiftKey 5 update last year that made the keyboard free. It may not be as big as that, but it’s still pretty significant.

The biggest change is the addition of double word predictions. The keyboard is now able to predict two words at once, making typing with the predictions much faster. This is available for over 100 languages, every one that SwiftKey supports.

Smaller changes are a new emoji panel,  [Read More…]

SwiftKey Beta 6.0 adds word prediction improvements, new emoji panel and more

The popular SwiftKey virtual keyboard for Android is conducting an open beta test for its 6.0 update. It adds a number of new features, including some word prediction improvements and a revamped emoji panel. While SwiftKey has been working on better word predictions for some time, it is now introducing two word predictions, to make typing that much faster.

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SwiftKey debuts new neural network keyboard to offer smarter word suggestions

SwiftKey has released another Greenhouse project, this time its the first ever smartphone keyboard that uses an artificial neural network. So, how does this differ from their existing keyboard? SwiftKey is well known for its current keyboards, and its smart word predictions, but the company says using the neural network it can make that even better.

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