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Google is testing search results with lots of pictures and almost no words

Taking visual search to a whole new level.

What you need to know Google appears to be testing a radically different search results page with lots of visual imagery. These search results are only appearing on Google searches performed on a desktop browser, not mobile devices. While it’s light on text, the visual distinction between search results and ads is incredibly stark.

Google is testing a new page design for desktop search results, and it’s a rather  [Read More…]

Words with Friends developer Zynga suffers security breach

Words with Friends developer Zynga has suffered a security breach.

What you need to know Zynga, the company behind the popular Words with Friends game, had a recent security breach. In their statement, Zynga explained that it appears no financial information was reached but caution is urged all the same. If you were one of the players of this game, you should change your password and take other precautions.

Zynga, the developers of the Words with Friends  [Read More…]

HQ Trivia sequel will be a Wheel of Fortune-style game called HQ Words

This is where we go next after HQ Trivia.

The team behind HQ Trivia is readying to deliver a brand new game for 2018, and this one is for the word nerds. According to reporting from Digiday, the new game will be called HQ Words. Based on Wheel of Fortune format, players will be tasked with guessing phrases one letter at a time while competing live against other players. The game is expected to launch sometime in  [Read More…]

Google Assistant may soon get customizable hot words

You could name your Google Assistant Bob, Mary, or anything else you’d like.

Before the Google Assistant came about, one of the best voice assistants on Android came from Motorola with Moto Voice. Moto Voice was able to search the web and perform basic actions, and starting with the 2nd-generation Moto X in 2014, Motorola allowed you to use whatever hot word you’d like to get Moto Voice’s attention. Now, it looks like Google Assistant may finally get something  [Read More…]

‘O’ Words [#acpodcast]

Our very own Daniel Bader leads Andrew, Jerry and guest Mr. Mobile (that’s Michael Fisher, if you didn’t know) on a deep discussion into all of the latest topics of the week. Motorola has a new phone, the Moto Z2 Force, and we have some thoughts on its strategy of a shatterproof display and smaller-than-most battery capacity. We compare it to the rumors of the upcoming Note 8, which should only help pad Samsung’s bottom line further. Unfortunately LG hasn’t  [Read More…]

T-Mobile trades words with Verizon and AT&T, says it will launch a real 5G network by 2020

T-Mobile is going on the attack against Verizon and AT&T, saying that it will use its recently-acquired 600Mhz spectrum to launch a proper 5G network by 2020.

T-Mobile is coming out swinging against Verizon and AT&T, saying it will use the 31MHz of low-band 600MHz spectrum on which it spent nearly $ 8 billion to roll out a full nationwide 5G network by 2020, something that neither AT&T nor Verizon have committed to.

In a combination press  [Read More…]

Twitter introduces tool to mute words, hashtags and emoji

Twitter is trying to win back the support of people who have left the network.

Twitter has debuted a number of new tools to cut down on harassment and improve user engagement on a network that repeatedly has been accused of fostering hate speech through its public forum.

The main feature is an expansion of the “mute” tool that previously only allowed for the silencing of individual accounts. Now, users can mute or block specific words,  [Read More…]

When words just won’t do

There’s not a single word I can type here today that doesn’t feel trite after the week we all just had.

We’ve seen us at our worst. We’ve seen us at our best. We’ve all got a lot of work left to do.

We won’t fix ourselves in a day. There undoubtedly will be more horror. More heartache. We’ll allow ourselves to forget just long enough for it to happen again.

But I do have hope.

And I continue to  [Read More…]

Google now translating 100 billion words a day, rolls out video to showcase Google Translate

Google has made significant additions to Google Translate that introduced real-time translation of words and text, with the service now processing over 100 billion words a day.

AC editors’ apps of the week: New Words With Friends, Source, Ultimate Rotation Control and more

Here are a few apps we think you should try

It’s that time of the week again. When we single out a handful of apps that we think you might want to take a look at, then read the comments to see which ones you think we should try. There are all sorts of ways to discover apps — both new and old — but in our opinion, nothing beats a recommendation from the people you  [Read More…]