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Artificially intelligent Google art project is writing a global poem

An AI might be writing poetry better than you can. That is, if you’re impressed by lines like “Intrusion of the night and sea. Prince Biodiversity burst forth upon the altar of stones”? What about “Imperfection was on earth and every word. Symbiosis breathed along the sea”?

Launched today, POEMPORTRAITS is a collaboration with Google Arts & Culture Lab that uses machine learning to generate original lines of poetry based on words you input – a.k.a. “donate” –  [Read More…]

Best Writing Apps for Android in 2018

Everybody needs a writing app — here’s what we recommend.

Whether you’re writing essays for school, drafting updates for your blog, or just jotting notes, everybody needs a writing app. There’s no shortage of them on the Play Store, and in theory it shouldn’t be hard to find a good one — it’s just a place to type, right?

Turns out there are quite a few useful features that you might want to look for when settling on  [Read More…]

Designing a game for virtual reality is kind of like writing a movie

We talked to two of the creators of Virtual VR, about the process of developing the game for a mobile headset and how many drafts it took to get the story straight.

Take it from me, and the rest of the brains behind the site you’re currently perusing: writing a story is hard work, and writing one for other people to experience and enjoy is even more laborious. A good story requires more than relatable characters and  [Read More…]

Popular writing app ‘iA Writer’ makes the jump from iOS to Android

Popular iOS and Mac writing app, iA Writer, has made its debut on Android today. Information Architects, the folks behind iA Writer, made the announcement earlier today through a lengthy blog post in which they also described the process of developing for Android.

Need to Focus on Writing on Your Tablet? Try Jotterpad HD Minimalist Word Processor

Need to Focus on Writing on Your Tablet? Try Jotterpad HD Minimalist Word Processor

Do you do a lot of writing on your Android tablet? Have you been looking for the perfect app to help you focus on the most  [Read More…]