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Which color Galaxy Buds should I get: Black, white, or yellow?

The Galaxy Buds are some of the smallest headphones you can buy, but given how much you’re likely to wear them it’s still important to pick a color that fits your personality. Even more importantly, the color of the case matches the headphones — so you will be looking at the case while everyone else sees the earbuds.

The standard Black

As is the case with most electronics, black is the first and easiest choice for most people.  [Read More…]

Sonos One will be available in red, yellow, and green this September

The new colors will come with a $ 30 price increase over the regular models.

The Sonos One is already a good-looking speaker, but it’ll soon get a welcome jolt of color thanks to a new partnership with Danish design brand HAY.

This coming September, Sonos will launch the HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection with new red, yellow, and green models. The colors were taken directly from HAY’s 2018 design palette, and although they won’t be  [Read More…]

What’s that yellow dot on my Gear S2 watch face?

The most recent update for Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch added a couple of new apps and performance improvements. However there’s one subtle change in the latest Gear firmware that’s not entirely obvious at first. You might occasionally notice a small yellow circular marker on the right-hand side of your watch face. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. So what’s going on?

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Announcing the ‘Weekly Photo Contest: Yellow’ winners!

We commissioned photo entries that dominantly used the color yellow, and the response was fantastic as always. Dozens of great entries poured into the forums, showing off every shade and interpretation of “yellow.”

We have three lovely pictures to look at this week and three prizes to give away — read along and see the winning submissions.

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Weekly Photo Contest: Yellow

The only rule here is the dominant color in the picture, and we can’t wait to see your creativity.

We’re back to a standard photo contest, building on a single topic that gives you a wide range of subject options that fit your style. This week’s prompt is “yellow,” so we’re looking for pictures that are dominant in that color — beyond that, the choice of subject and style is up to you. We’ve done plenty  [Read More…]