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The best deal you’ll see today is the Google Home for an insanely low $29

Sure, the Google Home smart speaker has been around for a while at this point, but it is Google’s quintessential smart speaker. It all started with the Home. Now you can get it for the same price as the Mini version! The Google Home is down to $ 29 at several retailers including Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and more. You can even find it this low at Google. Most of these retailers require at least $ 35 in the cart  [Read More…]

You’ll finally be able to play Pistol Whip on PSVR this Summer

Getting your legs worked out like never before, and with brand new content to boot.

What you need to know Pistol Whip debuts on PSVR in Summer 2020. The PSVR version of Pistol Whip will include all the updates and new levels that have been added since the original November 2019 launch of the game. Cloudhead Games is teasing a slew of additional content updates after the PSVR version launches.

Pistol Whip is finally shooting its way  [Read More…]

Affected by the recent Nest outage? You’ll be getting some money back

Emails are going out to those affected by the outage letting users know that a $ 5 refund will be on the way.

What you need to know On February 24 Nest cameras were hit with an outage that lasted for 12 hours. The outage impacted Sightline, notifications, and camera connectivity. Google Nest is refunding Nest Aware subscribers $ 5 to their account for the inconvenience.

If you are a Nest Aware subscriber that and were affected  [Read More…]

Stop hoarding data you’ll never use, slip into freedom with US Mobile

Sometimes simple is better. Take your wireless carrier, for example.

Have you ever looked at your phone bill? I mean really, really took a good, hard look at it?

How much data are you using? Do you actually talk to people on the phone? If you wanted, could you change your plan on the fly? Truth is, almost everyone has most likely been with their current carrier for years and never paid attention to how much (or how  [Read More…]

Looking for an ASUS phone in 2020? These are the best options you’ll find

ASUS overhauled its strategy in the last two years, cleaning up its user interface and turning its attention to the value flagship segment. The move worked very well for the brand, with the ZenFone 6 one of the best in this category. ASUS also has a standout gaming phone and decent options if you’re on a budget.

Standout value ASUS ZenFone 6

Staff pick

The ZenFone 6 is all about delivering flagship-class features for less. There’s a  [Read More…]

Soon you’ll be able to correct Google’s name pronunciations

Mine is pronounced Berne like burn not Berne like Bernie.

What you need to know Google may soon add a feature that lets you speak a name pronunciation to teach it. Currently you can spell a name phonetically to force a better pronunciation. The new feature appears in source code but has not yet made it to beta.

Intrepid sleuths at XDA-Developers have uncovered code in the latest Google App, buld 10.93, that may be part of  [Read More…]

5 best Boxing Day 2019 tech deals you’ll find in the UK

Boxing Day in the UK is still a good time to spend a little cash you received from family members, whether you’re after a new graphics card for your PC or an Amazon Echo device to kick-start your smart home experience. We’ve rounded up a handful of highlighted deals to get you started.

Boxing Day Deals Amazon Echo Dot Home cinema discounts Samsung RU7100 Microsoft Surface Headphones Ring Video Doorbell 2

Amazon Echo Dot — £25 (Save £25)  [Read More…]

The 11 best Boxing Day 2019 tech deals you’ll find in Canada

Boxing Day is a great time to spend a bit of that cash Grandma slipped into your holiday card, whether on a big ticket item deeply discounted or on some smaller tech accessories you don’t want to buy for full price. In any case, we’ve rounded up a bunch of the best deals you’ll find Canada-wide on the hottest tech from 2019.

Boxing Day Deals LG 75-inch 4K Smart TV Amazon Echo Dot Ring Doorbell 2 with Echo Show  [Read More…]

This is the best Black Friday deal you’ll find on a Chromebook today

A big touchscreen and internal storage to match make this super-sized Chromebook a steal.

There’s a lot of Chromebook on sale right now, and some pretty good Chromebook deals, too, though it’s far easier to make mistakes when discounts start flying. I’ve seen a lot of Chromebooks today, but only one can be the best, and while there have been some tremendous deals on non-touch Chromebooks, I firmly believe that the best Chromebook deal has to be for a  [Read More…]

This LG G8 deal is the best price you’ll find for a Snapdragon 855 flagship

The LG G8 is one of the more under-appreciated Android flagships of 2019, having launched earlier in the spring in the shadow of the Galaxy S10. But this Black Friday, LG’s latest and greatest is on sale for its lowest price yet. Amazon has the Alexa-equipped handset on sale for a mere $ 399 — more than 50% off compared to its U.S. launch price of $ 850.

LG G8 ThinQ

$ 399 at Amazon

The  [Read More…]