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YouTube pledges $1 million to police reform nonprofit

As protests spread across the U.S, companies like Alphabet stand up for social justice.

What you need to know YouTube has pledged $ 1 million to the Center for Police Equity amid protests in the U.S. The Center is a think-tank that has adopted a data-driven approach to tackling police brutality. YouTube’s algorithm has been criticized as being a funnel towards white supremacist content.

As the protests against police brutality in the U.S. intensified over the weekend,  [Read More…]

Check out our favorite LGBTQ+ YouTube Creators

Content of all levels and styles is being added by LGBTQ+ creators every day.

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You can now subscribe to HBO, HBO Max and Cinemax through YouTube TV

Watch and pay for HBO Max, all from your YouTube TV account.

Google’s YouTube TV has quickly become one of the top sources for live television. It’s most definitely in the Top 3, right alongside Hulu With Live TV (which has been the official No. 1), and Sling TV. In addition to a rather solid stable of channels available for $ 49.99 a month, there also are a number of premium add-ons available.

And for the first  [Read More…]

YouTube Music now lets you pre-save unreleased albums

Spotify and Apple Music also offer a similar feature.

What you need to know YouTube Music will now let users pre-save unreleased albums to their libraries. Some tracks which have already been released as EPs or singles can be downloaded and played as part of an unreleased album. Rival streaming services, Spotify and Apple Music offer this as well.

Google has added a slightly new feature to YouTube Music, the ability to pre-save unreleased albums to your  [Read More…]

Grow your YouTube Music library by uploading your own songs — here’s how

YouTube Music is one of the most capable streaming services on the planet. It offers an enormous library of content, ranging from official songs, music videos, covers, concert clips, and more. On the off chance you can’t find what you’re looking for in YouTube Music’s streaming library, you can also upload your own tunes and store them on your account for easy access on any of your devices. Need some help on how to do this? We’ve got  [Read More…]

This $40 Course Bundle Can Help You Build a Profitable YouTube Channel

While everyone is stuck at home, many YouTube channels are seeing higher viewing figures than ever before. If you have considered becoming a professional video maker, now is the time to act. The Complete Content Creator Bundle for YouTube helps you get started, with 10 courses from top instructors. It’s worth $ 1,592, but you can get the training now for just $ 39.99.

YouTube has always been a great place to build an audience or promote a brand. But to make a  [Read More…]

YouTube Music migration is here, and it’s still a disappointment

After years of wishing and hoping, all my music is back in one place.

Yes, I know, I’m one of five people who actually likes and uses YouTube Music and before that was a die-hard Google Play Music user since I first came to Android. When YouTube Music first re-launched, I had to start rebuilding my library from scratch, because while I’d spent 7 years building my library in Play Music — and several years before that  [Read More…]

YouTube will now fact check COVID-19 searches in the U.S.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a lightning rod for hoaxes, fake news, and conspiracy theorists.

What you need to know YouTube rolled out fact-checking for India and Brazil last year. In the wake of the COVID–19 pandemic, it’s now extending this support to the U.S. It plans to bring this feature globally after scaling up its systems to support the effort.

There’s never a good time for conspiracy theories, but amid the COVID-19 pandemic, these can be  [Read More…]

YouTube Music gets a much-needed update to the playback menu

It’s easier to shuffle and repeat, lyrics are finally here and easy to use. Please don’t make me wait three weeks to get this update on my phone. Please.

What you need to know YouTube Music is beginning a roll out of a new playback screen on its Android app. The new UI puts the repeat and shuffle buttons on the playback screen rather than a queue screen. It also features the addition of lyrics to supported  [Read More…]

Stay healthy with free Fitbit workouts on YouTube

Now you can access tons of great Fitbit workout content for free on YouTube.

What you need to know Fitbit added over 15 free workouts and activities to its YouTube channel. Options include HIIT, core, and visualizations. This is part of Fitbit’s efforts to promote wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, Fitbit dropped over 15 free workouts and mindfulness sessions on its YouTube channel, making the content free for all who want to watch and follow along.

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