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Zoom users must update the desktop app to continue joining meetings

Zoom is rolling out new GCM encryption, beginning May 30.

What you need to know Zoom is rolling out GCM encryption across its platform this weekend. That means if you want to keep using Zoom and joining meetings, you need to update. If you can’t update the desktop client, you can use the mobile app or the web client instead

Popular video-conferencing app Zoom has announced that users must update their desktop client after this weekend in  [Read More…]

Facebook’s Zoom and Google Meet challenger is now available worldwide

Messenger Rooms was announced last month.

What you need to know Messenger Rooms is now being rolled out globally. The feature, which is Facebook’s answer to Zoom, lets you host group video calls with up to 50 people and no time limit. You can invite people to group video calls from Messenger or Facebook, even if they do not have a Facebook account.

Facebook announced Messenger Rooms last month, allowing users to host free video calls right  [Read More…]

Zoom is better than Google Meet — here are 6 reasons why

Google Meet is great, but Zoom has a few key advantages.

Video conferencing apps have been an essential tool for a lot of companies for a while, but thanks to recent global events, they’ve exploded in popularity like never before.

There are numerous apps out there that you can use for video calling, two of the most popular being Zoom and Google Meet. These are apps focused on enterprise/business use, and each one has its own set  [Read More…]

Zoom moves to assuage security and encryption woes with Keybase acquisition

The video conferencing app’s sudden success has been accompanied by increasing concern about its security standards.

What you need to know Zoom CEO Eric Yuan this Thursday announced that his company was acquiring Keybase. The latter is a cybersecurity startup with an expertise in encryption. The goal of the acquisition is to help Zoom implement end-to-end encryption in its own platform.

Zoom’s unprecedented growth spurt as a result of the ongoing pandemic hasn’t been without its challenges,  [Read More…]

5 reasons Google Meet is better than Zoom for the average person

Skip the Zoom drama and Meet a better way to video chat.

Living alone, the only way I see my friends and family right now is video chatting apps, and there certainly are plenty to choose from these days. Zoom has been the in-vogue video app of the last several weeks, but since that Google Meet is free for everyone this summer, you should absolutely move your chats over to Meet instead.

While Google Meet was built  [Read More…]

Let’s compare Zoom and Microsoft Teams for your video conferencing needs

Best Overall Microsoft Teams

From $ 5 per month/ per user at Microsoft

Pros Included with Microsoft 365 Collaboration tools Easy to connect to other programs Privacy and encryption Lets 250 people join virtual meetings Even more can join for live streaming events Cons Not compatible with Linux Call-in support costs extra Webinar support also costs extra

Microsoft Teams lets up to 250 people join traditional virtual meetings and 10,000 for live streaming events. It works  [Read More…]

Zoom has fixed one of the biggest complaints about its platform

But only for paid customers…

What you need to know Zoom has fixed an issue with its service which saw data routed through China. It had previously emerged that call data was sent to China even if all the participants were based in the US. Zoom has now added controls for data routing for paid customers.

Zoom has fixed an issue with its platform that meant call data was being sent through servers in China, even if  [Read More…]

Zoom and Google Duo are both excellent (and very different) video chat apps

More utility Zoom

Free, $ 20/month at Zoom

Pros Free plan is good for personal use Group calls up to 300 people Record and share meetings In-call text chat Lots of tools for business/enterprise use Cons Many features limited to paid versions Not as plug-and-play as Duo

Zoom has quickly become the de facto service for professional video calling, and for good reason. This is one of the most robust video chatting platforms, offering features like  [Read More…]

The Indian government is the latest to come out against ‘unsafe’ Zoom

It’s asking all staff to avoid using the app for official business.

What you need to know The Indian government has issued an advisory to its employees, declaring the app ‘unsafe.’ Another government report also warned of significant weakness in the app that made it vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This follows similar moves by Google and various governmental agencies from Taiwan, the U.K., Singapore, and Germany.

After lucking out as the app of choice for video calls during  [Read More…]

Here’s how to password protect your next Zoom meeting

Here’s how regular ol’ folks can still protect their Zoom meetings.

Millions of people around the world have been participating in ever more video calls and conferences these days, and the current video chat darling is Zoom. Unfortunately, Zoom’s popularity has invited a growing number of trolls, hackers, and other threats that have brought havoc to the platform for some. One of the best ways to keep your meetings secure, whether they are a family catch up  [Read More…]